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Terry Orlick

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“Entering the Zen zone means becoming one with and inseparable from the essence of what you are doing during the moment that you are doing it.”

“… get to know Zen on an internal level by just being in the moment and going with your feelings, intuitions, and simple connections.”

“Zen can never be forced, but it can always become a way of being or a way of connecting every day – in every piece of your life and within every performance context.”

“Zen can also be elusive if you push it too hard, chase it, or try to apply force to it.”

“The Zen connection, or the ay, lives within you. You experienced it many times as a child and sometimes fleetingly in parts of your adult life.”

“Being in the Zen zone means being here; being totally present; absorbing yourself in, connecting yourself to, and becoming one with your body, your task, your performance, your experience, nature, the tree that you are looking at, the child you are playing with, the person you are speaking with.”

“When you are totally engaged in the process of doing, you become what you are doing. For those moments nothing else in the world exist for you.”

“You suspend all thoughts or judgments about yourself, others or your performance.”

“You simply connect fully and absolutely with what you are doing or experiencing.”

Terry Orlick, Ph.D.

Terry Orlick is a world renowned leader in teaching and coaching people how to perform to their capacity and enhance the joyfulness of their lives. He has been leading the field of focus training for excellence in multiple disciplines for over 35 years. Terry has worked with thousands of Olympic and Professional athletes and coaches, corporate leaders, astronauts, surgeons, top classical musicians, dancers, opera singers and other performing artists, mission control professionals, and many others engaged in high stress performance missions. Visit www.zoneofexcellence.ca